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Our Service

Aiden Automation (Thailand)Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter called AAT) has kept trying innovativion in Factory Automation industry since 1965.
AAT was established in Thailand, has been providing for customers' various needs with a wide range of products such as the electrical parts, machine parts, control panels, and control systems, which are made in Japan, Asia, or Europe and America.

Product Sales

Offer the quick response with new information, preparing the various reliable products with years of experience in a FA engineering business.

Designing and Manufacturing Control Panel

Support making/designing and implementation on site of the control panel through cooperation with the Japanese and local partners, specialists for each field.

Proposal of Energy Saving

Propose the energy saving using high-performance demand devices, which are environment-friendly, and the man power saving using image processing systems.

Quick responce for import/export, Local Responce, Support the Global Business in Japan, China and south-eastern Asia.

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Aiden Automation (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.