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Since Aiden Co.,Ltd. was established in 1965, has continued to walk as the FA engineering trading company supporting Asia.
We think it is important that FA industry should aim at the people's smile and happiness as well as the man power saving and labor saving from now on.

We are working at the expansion of new business with the philosophy "For People's Smile and Happiness as the Innovative Trading Company" to work toward the innovative trading company.

  • -To keep healthy life
  • -To ensure the time and an affluent life
  • -Eliminate the 3D(demanding, dangerous and dirty) business.
  • -To build the safty working environment

We will revitalize the business activities to realize aboves and meet the costomer's needs with the various line up of products and competent local and international subcontractors.

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Aiden Automation (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.