ALCURE – High performance Air Purifier of Japan Quality

Pre-filter, HEPA filter, Carbon filter, and photocatalyst 4-layer filter remove more than 99% of harmful substances, Viruses and Bacterias in the air.
It removes germs, molls, virus, and allergens that still remain even after filtration.

Following 3 types provided:
-For private rooms (30㎡)
-For Shops, Offices , Amusement facilities (-100㎡)
-For Public facilities, School, Hospital (240-1120㎡)

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We participated in the exhibition and supported the IAI booth.

METALEX 2020, ASEAN’s Number 1 Machine Tools & Metalworking Exhibition Serving ASEAN – 34th Edition, is organized under the theme “Shaping a Brighter Tomorrow”.

Event Date :                            18 – 21 November 2020

Place:                             BITEC Bangkok

EXHAUST GAS Analysis and Monitoring System

We installed a sampling system in the existing chimney in the factory equipment where gas is generated. A system that detects the four components of CO, TVOC, CO2, O2, and NOx, analyzes the data via MODBUS, and reports and monitors it via Ethernet.

Automation, Energy Saving and Environmental support

We propose automation system, using robots for labor saving automation system.
For energy saving, we propose demand monitoring devices and energy saving equipment.
In the environmental field, we propose equipment for demand monitoring of emissions of CO2, NOx, O3, O2, etc.